Inspired by the imagination of 19 century huckster Eugene S. Shepard.



THE HODAG is the story of eleven-year-old Amy, a girl who encounters the mysterious Hodag and believes, at all costs, that it is real.  Unfortunately, her father is the kind of man who doesn't believe in magical creatures lurking around the forest. And so Amy sets out to prove that the Hodag really exists.

13:04min, Color, Digital, Format 2:35. 



"The Hodag is about a little girl's life-changing experience with magic, about belief and hope, and this is true not only for the character of Amy, but for the crew and all the people of Rhinelander Wisconsin that have kept The HODAG's story alive since 1893.  The Hodag is about magic defeating reality and I want the viewer to be part of it."
Hadrien Royo